Tire Camp

Tire Camp will boost your body, your mind, and your mood. Tire Camp is designed to target all your body needs in a full body workout
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Here's what we do at Tire Camp

We addressed the workout into 3 different areas, strength training, mobility training, and cardio endurance training
Full Body Workout

When we do a full body workout, we have a great muscle activation since we are working multiple muscles all at the same time. It helps to build muscle mass faster. It also boots more hormones and energy levels in our body, and improve our mood.

Tires Camp Benefits

Our Tires has an average weight of 7-8kg / 15-20Lb. When we applied external resistance in our exercises, we are improving in muscular fitness. It helps to prevent the natural loss of lean muscle mass. It also helps not only to strengthen muscles, but also bones, for those who suffer from arthritis. Our strength training using Tires It is also a great way to lose weight.

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