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If you prefer to train in the greatest areas of South Florida, then BurnPump is for you
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Here's what we do without Gym

We deliver a variety of classes at various parks and the surrounding areas of South Florida
Our Clients

Are getting fitter, stronger and healthier every day.

Our Classes

With our classes you will get the ultimate fat-burning and muscle toning workout.

Building Strength

We will build up your strength, increase your mobility, and pump your cardiovascular world!

Always Checking

We check in every few months with a fitness assessment in order to track your fitness journey. We provide recommendations and feedback based on these assessments.  The fitness assessment is a series of exercises going against the clock. The assessment covers all aspects of fitness including cardiovascular, upper and lower body strength, abdominal strength and anaerobic fitness.

Everything You Need

Fitness Assessment is comprised of:

1500 Meter Run
100 Meter sprint
3 Minutes of steps
1 Minute of pushups, sit ups, and burpees